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October 8, 2003

Leonard's Bakery

The building's been there so long it's a landmark along Kapahulu Avenue. The sign out front is the very same sign that greeted customers when they opened 51 years ago. That's how long Leonard's Bakery has been a part of Honolulu.

Customers come here for cakes, pies, pastries, and sweetbread. But most people come to Leonard's in search of these small, smooth, white balls that are dipped in hot oil. And cooked until they're golden brown. Then coated with sugar.

Leonard Rego Junior of Leonard's Bakery: "My grandmother, which is my father's mother, suggested that he make malasadas for Shrove Tuesday and all the bakers thought that it was much too ethnic and nobody's going to like this but they did it anyway. From that day on they made malasadas every day."

Leonard Rego Junior runs the bakery started by his father. Leonard senior loved to bake and opened Leonard's after moving here with his wife from Maui. As you can see, it looks much the same as it did 50 years ago. Some of the old timers are still there. Many of you may even remember taking a tour of Leonard's as kids.

Leonard Rego, Junior: "That was like his reward. He really enjoyed being around children. A lot of the children that he would take on these school tours, later on, bought wedding cakes from him." One of the few bakeries around at the time, many of our birthday cakes came from Leonard's. Here's one they made for Bob Hope on one of his visits to Honolulu.

Lyle Galdeira: "Here they are, Leonard's signature malasadas. For more than half a century they've been putting smiles on the faces of people all across Hawaii. Mmmm, oh that's good."

This family from Kailua is keeping the Leonard's tradition alive with a stop for some hot malasadas. Bonnie Seto of Kailua: "We love this place we come here whenever we can and of course we come for the malasadas. The kids are going to be messy. We had to get them out of the car so they could eat it and they're just the best malasadas."

Soft, sugary, messy, and definitely good. It's Leonard's bakery...serving Honolulu for 50 years and just one more reason you are so Lucky You Live Hawaii.

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