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Lucky You Live Hawaii: Mililani

History Of Mililani

Mililani is 35-years-old this year. Oahu's first planned community has almost reached its goal of 15,000 homes and 50,000 residents. And those who live there are pleased with the way things turned out. So come with us to Central Oahu for our Lucky You Live Hawaii report as we celebrate Mililani.

It literally sprouted up from the red clay of the plantation fields in Central Oahu. Callman Au should know. He was one of five salesmen that began selling the new homes in the new community called Mililani.

The date was June 3rd, 1968 and 112 houses were offered for purchase.

"The cheapest home was 884 square feet at 25,000 dollars. The rest was 25,500 and up. Up to 35,000 dollars for a four bedroom," says Au.

And people flocked to buy them. There was a waiting list of two thousand.

Mililani is a planned community. Homes, schools, parks shopping...all following a master plan.

"15,000 homes and a goal of 50,000 people. I understand there's about 40-45 thousand people living here now," says Au.

No driveways and no parking on the main thoroughfares to make it safer and keep traffic moving. And you'll notice as you drive around, there are trees everywhere.

"Their plan was seven trees per home inclusive of driveways, parks, and open areas," says Au.

In 1976, the H-2 Freeway opened, cutting travel time to and from Honolulu in half. In 1986, it was named an All-America city.

And Mililani continues to grow. New homes are sprouting up in Mililani Mauka, like the pine and cane they replace. The town's first generation of children are now raising their own children here. The planned community that started 35 years ago has worked.

"It's just a beautiful community, has beautiful climate. It's well planned. And it's so different from other communities," says Au.

It's Mililani and it's just one more reason you are so Lucky You Live Hawaii.

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