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Surfrider Spirit Sessions

Crystal Robinson - Student Crystal Robinson - Student
Kimo - Student turned mentor Kimo - Student turned mentor
Surfrider Spirit Sessions Surfrider Spirit Sessions

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Surfrider Spirit Sessions, or SSS, has been giving kids in the justice system some much needed support. Each Spirit Sessions Program lasts 9 weeks, consisting of multiple 4- to 5-hour surf sessions and at least one community service event, as well as other optional "surf o`hana" activities. Every youth has a dedicated volunteer surf mentor, access to over a dozen other adult surf mentors, as well as support provided by staff members and peer-Junior Mentors. Change is hard. In order to change their lives, kids need to want to change and believe they can do it. Before their first lesson, we promise each teen that if they accept our guidance and put some effort into it, they will catch a wave and ride on their very first day. Many doubt us, but we make it happen. Later we ask them "What else can you achieve that you don't believe is possible?"

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