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Tannya Joaquin


I have more than 30 years experience in broadcasting. Okay, let me explain.  I got my start "in the biz"... in my bedroom. It wasn't a fancy production. Just a tape recorder, microphone and me. But that was all I needed to create and produce my own radio shows from my "home office." (And back then, I had no inhibitions so I did something you'd be hard pressed to find me do now: sing on air!)

As a new Mom, I'm intrigued watching passions develop. I'm curious what my son Kai will like to do and want to be when he grows up. Right now, I'm thinking Dentist since he can't resist the temptation to stick everything in his mouth! I'm enjoying every minute of motherhood because the older I get, the more I see how time really does fly. Hard to believe my first TV news internship was at KITV back in 1992! It was my first taste of local news in Hawaii. I was fortunate to have family living here at the time. That summer spent with relatives, I got hooked on news and fell in love with the Islands.

Those experiences kept tugging at me as I moved around the Mainland, pursuing my goal to become a Broadcast Journalist. I started as a sports and news intern at KABC & KNBC while at UCLA. I scheduled my classes around my internships so I could spend as much time as possible in the newsroom instead of the classroom. That gave me the opportunity to tag along on assignments and interview everyone from the Los Angeles Lakers to George Clooney while still in school! My first paid gig was as Associate Producer at KNBC for the OJ Simpson murder trial. Essentially, my job was to watch the trial and to choose the most dramatic moments for the reporters to talk about every night.

My on-air break came in 1996 in a small Ohio town called Lima. (Fast Facts: Former Sunrise Weather Anchor Jeff Booth worked there too, it's the home of the Lima Bean, and claims the Beanie Babies are a rip off their town mascot "Beanie.") I was Weather Anchor and Reporter at WLIO, but realized quickly that I'm not cut out for the snow.  After one winter I quit and headed back to California. I produced for a short time at KNTV in San Jose. Then, I was hired as Weekend Weather Anchor/Reporter in Santa Maria. I spent 4 years at KCOY and rose through the ranks to become Evening News Anchor. It was a beautiful place to live and work, but after the September 11th attacks, I decided life was too short to put my dreams on hold.

In 2002, against the advice of my agent, I gave my two weeks notice and followed my heart to Hawaii. After a summer off as "beach bum," Rick Blangiardi hired me as a Reporter for KHON. I anchored the morning news for 5 years, and the 5 PM news for 1 year. Then in 2008, I found myself at another career crossroad. Stay at KHON or cross the road to KGMB9?

Once again, I followed my heart. I couldn't resist the opportunity to reunite with Rick and work with this award winning news team. I truly love working with my new TV family. I've rediscovered the same passion and creativity that drove my radio shows from my bedroom all those years ago. Luckily, technology has come a long way since then. Now, we're connecting with you. We've set a new standard with blogs and other social media. I look forward to connecting with you on air, online and hopefully on the water too. Aloha!