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Cheap Eats: Sushi on Wheels

Velma Chong Velma Chong

with Lyle Galdeira and Russell Yamanoha

WAIPAHU (KHNL) - Sometimes on Cheap Eats, Russ and Lyle work overtime to find that hidden gem. And this week they went to the Waipahu Festival Marketplace where Cheap Eats is all about Sushi on Wheels.

Despite the name, Sushi on Wheels is not a mobile lunch wagon, but it is the place to go for top-notch sushi.

"They're the best. It's creative, it's different. The salads are the best ever" said Velma Chong of Kapolei   

Owners Ramon Rojales and Arnold Pontillas built on their successful catering business by adding this Waipahu eatery, and ever since, Sushi on Wheels has been rolling.

The Cheap Eats crew is cranking it up. First, Russ takes a shot at making a crunchy shrimp roll.

The key to successful sushi making is moderation.

"That would be Russ. He  puts too much then he can't roll it" said Lyle.

Lyle's up for some spicy tuna rolls.

 At Sushi on Wheels, it's all made to order and most of it can be yours for less than 8 bucks. 

"Lyle, we pretty much have it all. This is the Cheap Eats special right here, spicy tuna" said Russ.

Sushi on Wheels is in the Waipahu Festival market place, just off historic Depot Road across from the old Arakawa's. 

Sushi on Wheels
94-340 Waipahu Depot Rd.
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