Hawaii governor backs biocontrol to fight invasive species

Hawaii governor backs biocontrol to fight invasive species
(Hawaii News Now/file)

KAIILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - Hawaii Gov. David Ige has proposed building a $35 million regional biocontrol facility to research ways to control invasive species that threaten the state's economy and natural environment.

Ige advocated for a biocontrol facility while addressing the Western Governors Association at its meeting Monday on the Big Island.

Biocontrol is the practice of introducing a non-native predator to curb a destructive invasive species.

Ige says this practice could help move away from the use of chemicals to control pests.

The proposed facility would be equipped with diagnostic labs and areas for testing plants and insects.

The facility would also serve western states and Pacific territories. Ige is hoping that setting a regional scope on the facility will help attract federal support.

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