Local Connection: TMT Atop Mauna Kea

Local Connection: TMT Atop Mauna Kea
(Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The court balanced the arguments of both sides and found that on the whole, the telescope will bring far more benefit to Hawaii and the world than risk to the environment or Hawaiian culture.

The developer has also agreed to pay to help Hawaii students studying science and technology and a workforce pipeline to generate a pool of local workers trained for jobs in technology.

Many opponents have already expressed a commitment to take a stand on the mountain — but it would still be a shame if the protests become bigger news than this amazing project.

There is time for a conversation between all sides and new approaches to managing Mauna Kea which could potentially spread the benefits even further.

Mayor Harry Kim says he is promoting a plan for an educational and cultural institution to emphasize the spiritual value of Mauna Kea along with the scientific.

The Mayor calls it a Pipe Dream, but dialogue is healthy and could help heal some of the wounds from this ongoing and long fight.

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