Authorities arrest prominent Hawaiian rights advocate Robin Danner

Kauai County officials say DHHL was trying to evict a man from a property in Anahola.

Authorities arrest prominent Hawaiian rights advocate Robin Danner
Law enforcement officials gather at an Anahola-area beach known as Pillars.

ANAHOLA, KAUAI (HawaiiNewsNow) - State law enforcement officers arrested Hawaiian rights advocate Robin Danner on Wednesday during a raid on an alleged illegal homeless encampment on Kauai.

Kauai County officials say that agents with the Department of Hawaiian Homelands were trying to evict a homeless man from a property in the Anahola area known locally as ‘Pillars.’

“On Wednesday, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands removed an illegal structure occupying an area adjacent to Anahola Beach Park on Kauai,” the Department said in a statement. “(The man) had been given written notice to vacate the premises by the DHHL and was also issued a trespassing notice by the Kauai Police Department in the weeks leading up to (Wednesday’s) removal.”

The contractors were removing the man’s personal items when Robin Danner, 55, and her son, Garrett Danner, 34, came onto the property in an attempt to defend him. The pair were arrested by Kauai police for trespassing and interfering witha government action, the DHHL spokesperson said.

The two were later released on $100 bail.

In a statement released Thursday morning, Danner called the the expulsion a ‘humiliation mission on a homeless Hawaiian in our homestead.’

“What occurred (during the raid) should disturb every Hawaiian, and every Hawaiian citizen ... because it is yet another example of abuse DHHL perpetrates against our people,” Danner wrote. “I am not afraid of my government, I am ashamed of it.”

The incident remains under investigation. The Department of Hawaiian Homelands says Danner has not produced any evidence to prove that she was legally able to grant the man permission to have set up camp in the area,

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