Police release taser video from fatal officer-involved shooting in Kalihi

Officers were initially called to investigate a theft complaint before the suspect approached them with a knife.

Police release taser video from fatal officer-involved shooting in Kalihi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In new video released Tuesday, Honolulu police officers who fatally shot a knife-wielding shoplifting suspect in Kalihi last month can repeatedly be heard telling the man to put down his blade before eventually discharging their weapons.

The video was recorded by a video camera embedded in the handle of a Taser that police officials say was fired at the suspect before their service weapons were used.

“The Taser was ineffective. It didn’t have any effect on the suspect, and there could be several reasons for that,” said Deputy Chief John McCarthy. “One prong may have hit and fallen off or missed its target entirely.”

The shooting happened just after midnight on September 27, in front of the Foodland grocery store at the Dillingham Plaza. That day, Honolulu police chief Susan Ballard said that an officer had first deployed a Taser weapon, but it didn’t work to stop the suspect.

“He had raised the knife and was coming toward the officers,” Ballard said last month. “The officers gave multiple commands for him to drop the knife.”

The video released Tuesday appears to support Ballard’s statement; the voice of multiple unnamed officers can be heard telling the suspect to put down his weapon.

“C’mon, we don’t want nobody to get hurt,” the officer says. “Don’t do it! Just put the knife down!”

Deputy Chief McCarthy says officers at the scene reported that the male suspect actually ‘raised the knife in an effort to throw it’ after the Taser was fired at him, which is when officers discharged their service weapons.

“He was already starting toward the officers, and they were already in close proximity” to the suspect, McCarthy said. “The Taser had no effect.”

The case remains under investigation.

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