Blind California woman sees Hawaii’s beauty through her Hawaiian music

Madison Makanaokahaku Scott released her second Hawaiian music CD.

Blind California woman sees Hawaii’s beauty through her Hawaiian music

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Madison Makanaokahaku Scott’s fondness for Hawaiian music started when she was a young teenager.

A family friend played her Hawaiian songs.

"We told our friend that I was really enjoying the music, and so he gave me his entire collection. I'm not kidding you - 5,000 Hawaiian songs," she said with a chuckle.

She immersed herself in the melodies, the sound of the Hawaiian language, and her thoughts of what Hawaii must look like.

She’s been here multiple times, but still hasn’t seen the islands.

Madison is blind.

"Because of my blindness I can't see the beauty of Hawaii, but I know it's beautiful," she said.

Madison believes God gifted her musically.

"I can read Braille music but mostly it's by ear," she said.

She’s an accomplished keyboardist who loves playing old jazz tunes. But her real joy comes from performing Hawaiian songs at appearances in her hometown of Cambria, Calif. and wherever she travels.

“I’m just humbled and thankful that God’s allowed me to bless so many people. I never really expected to do this,” she said.

When Madison performs in public people are amazed at what they see and hear, especially here in Hawaii.

"I'm a haole girl from California," she said.

When she was a child her parents worried about her place in the world. They don’t worry about that anymore.

"I'm grateful God gave her the gift of music," Helen Scott said.

"A lot of times I just like to close my eyes and listen to her ability to communicate her emotion in her voice, which is really amazing," her father, Curt, said.

Madison's songs are starting to get radio airplay.

She just released her second Hawaiian music CD. It's called Na Mele Punahele and features well-known Hawaiian musicians Ikaika Blackburn, Iaone Burns and Jeff Au Hoy.

"It's basically in a sense my interpretation of a lot of these classic Hawaiian songs," she said.

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